About Chris Vaglio

Chris's Story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The year was 1977, and Chris had just seen Star Wars for the first time. Little did 4-year-old Chris know just how much of an impact that film would have on his life. Seeing Star Wars was like experiencing magic firsthand, and that excitement and wonder he felt that day in the theater would propel Chris to pursue a life of creative endeavors and ultimately help others do the same. After all, it’s no fun riding the Death Star alone.

Fast forward a few decades, and Chris is balancing a career in music, film, and business. First, he co-founded a successful video production agency for 20 years. Then, evolving from a creative professional into business development and sales, he became a master with over 25 years of experience. His specialty: cultivating meaningful relationships with 100s of people and helping them develop and grow in their professional lives.

With his unique D.I.Y. work ethic from years in the video production industry and his rock n’ roll attitude from writing, playing, and promoting music in NJ’s underground rock scene, Chris combined all of that knowledge and experience to create the core principles for Rock It Growth Agency. 

Those same principles make up the foundation of the business coaching curriculum he teaches to those who want to Rock It in their business. 

Are you ready to Rock?


Rock It’s mission is to help other business owners communicate with one another in any setting—virtual, in-person, or on a stage. He has worked with emerging young entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, and independent professionals in the creative marketing realm. Yes, Rock It has worked with seasoned business professionals across various industries. Everyone can use a rocket boost now and again.

Using a blend of business and rock ‘n roll has been a guiding force in achieving the next level. Rock It will help create your brand that will help to develop a long-lasting and prosperous relationship based on tried-and-true methods.

This is not the droid you’re looking for if you want all the answers without doing the work. Rock It only works with passionate rock stars that know they don’t know everything and ask themselves, “what’s next?” each morning.

They are ready to fight the battles of business ownership because they know the result will be out of this world.