Rock It
Power Group

Finding the right mastermind Group is hard.

Most business-growth mastermind groups are either too expensive, aren't specific enough to be helpful, or are not a good fit.

You're trying your best, but realize you also need some help growing that business of yours so you can make more money and stay true to your passion.  You might feel defeated trying to balance your creative passion with running a business. You’re not alone if you scream out of panic or frustration when starting your business.

We All Need A Little help From Our friends

It's hard to stay motivated, focused, and committed. It's even harder when you're working alone or don't have anyone you can lean on who can relate to your struggles. 

That's why I created the Rock It Power group. It is a safe space where like-minded creative professionals can connect and collaborate for mutual benefit while providing each other with accountability and the encouragement needed to achieve their goals! 


Peer 2 Peer Support

You will be able to connect with other creative rock stars who are passionate about their businesses, too. You’ll share knowledge, notes, and resources that have been helpful in their process. This group is all about accountability and inspiration to help you to achieve your business goals. Feel free to ask questions about things you are struggling within your business.

Supportive Leadership

Led by a 20+ year creative professional veteran, each two-hour session will be all focused on you and your challenges and WINS! This is the safe space where you can voice your thoughts or feelings without judgment from others — just unconditional acceptance! Bring any problems that need solving because together we're going to ROCK IT!

Real Results

At the end of the day, it's all about building a successful and sustainable business that generates revenue. This business mastermind group is all about helping you get real results in your business that will help you move that needle and turn your business up to 11! That will put the pep in anyone's step.

  • 2x Virtual Meetings a Month

    Each session meets on the 1st and 3rd Wed of the month for 2 hours.

  • Small Groups

    6 seats available in each session so that everyone has an opportunity to share and speak (or sing).

  • Flexibility

    Rock It offers affordable monthly payments with a 6-month commitment. But, we’ll rock your world in less time.

turn your business up to 11
Let's Turn Your Business Up to 11!

Ready to Rock? 

When you join the group you will:

  • Join a group of like-minded professionals who want to grow their businesses
  • Share knowledge, learn from each other’s mistakes and experiences
  • Get accountability from peers within the same industry
  • Connect with like-minded creatives in one place
  • Achieve business goals faster by growing opportunities
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Expand your creativity and innovation as a result of collaboration
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