Accelerator Course

Become the ROCK STAR you were meant to be. Grow your audience and build your brand

In this 6 week program, we are going to transform you into the ROCK STAR that you are by using the same process of content creation, self-branding, and ROCK IT mindset I used to build a 7 figure business for myself. It will encompass 20+ years of business experience and rock n’ roll  DIY culture that I’ll be sharing with you over the course of several weeks. 

Over these next 6 weeks, I’ll be teaching you the secret of How to Build Your OWN Brand and create your ROCK IT GUIDE to success. You’ll learn how to create and leverage your own content to grow your network and build your business. 

The format is a series of 90-minute meetings via video conference + screen share, with some homework and activities for you to complete after each meeting. Each meeting will focus on the following:


What is your real PAIN POINT? Is your network shrinking? Are you not getting the same amount of leads that you used to? Are you feeling left behind and irrelevant? Together, we will work on answering these critical questions: 

          • Why do I need to do this? 
          • What exactly does MY success look like? 
          • What specific business objectives/goals will you achieve?

Deliverables: A clear and focused vision statement with your R.O.C.K. Goals (Realistic, Optimistic, Confident, Knowledgeable) you want to achieve.


What kind of content will you create and what do you want to say? What will resonate with your audience? Who is your target audience? 

We are going to tap into your inner Rock Star and unlock the creative version of yourself. It all starts with having the ROCK IT  mindset.

Deliverables: Creating a document of key content ideas and identifying the “right” ones to produce. 


Now that we know what your R.O.C.K. Goals are and we know what content we will be producing, we can begin creating! Together we will develop a monthly content plan to find the right marketing platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, podcast, blog, email, etc) and types of content (video, image, text, audio). We’ll also review how to repurpose content across platforms as well. 

Deliverables: Calendar for your first month of content with a list of exactly what you’ll post, on which platform(s), and when; We will review the tools and resources (hardware and software) you will need for creating. DON’T WORRY — you won’t need any fancy or expensive gear. 


We’ll co-create the first few pieces of content together and get your content posted to YouTube and other social platforms. 

Deliverables: Brainstorming sessions and/or feedback on your ideas via text/phone/video chat. 


We’ll review your content one last time and I’ll provide constructive feedback. Then we will review the strategy we used to build a guide for you to continue developing your personal brand. This will be your ROCK STAR PLAYBOOK. 

Deliverables: Template for BYOB to fill in and create your playbook.


On our last day together, you will officially graduate from the course and receive your ROCK IT official personal brand & content creator certification! We will review all that we learned together and look at the progress made from the previous weeks. 

Deliverables: Official Rock It Certification!


  • Do you want to expand your network?
  • Create more business opportunities?
  • Learn how to create your personal brand develop content like a ROCK STAR?
  • Let's Kick Ass Together.



Do you work with teams?

Yes. Current pricing is based per person. Please inquire about our group rates.

How long does it take?

Typically 6 weeks (one 90-minute session per week with homework for you), but we can scale it based on your schedule.

How much time will I need to spend creating content?

Our training can work to fit anyone’s busy schedule. Whether you have 8 hours a day or 20 minutes a day, we’ll show you how to make the most of that time.

Do I need a big budget for content production gear?

Not at all. We will be sharing with you all the tools that you will need to get started. Most of the tools you will need to purchase are under $500.

I don’t use social media or create my own content. Do I need really want to do this?

If you’re asking this question then this course is perfect for you because it will help you figure out which social media platforms and content work best for your business and target audience. If you want to grow your personal brand, creating and sharing relevant content is essential. 

 Can you make the content for me?

While you may think that’s the best option, it’s not scalable or sustainable for either of us. This is a hands-on course that will empower you to create your own content and share your voice with others. The content is coming from you, which is why it’s called a personal brand.

Can’t I just hire an agency to do this for me?

You absolutely could. However, you’ll need to be prepared to hand them the blueprint for creating content that resonates with your personal brand. So, even if you do decide to hire an agency, you’ll have all of the brand and voice guidelines they’ll need to create the content for your personal brand.


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