Creative Professionals: Stand Out in 2022!

The creative industry is booming! There are more jobs than ever before, and it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd. If you want to get noticed by your clients in 2022, then this article is for you. We’ll go over 5 ways that will help you make a name for yourself and increase your earning potential.

Start Using LinkedIn

The majority of creative professionals are not using LinkedIn to connect with prospective customers. This is a blunder! The majority of the individuals who wish to hire you (Marketing Directors, CMOs, and Agency Owners) are on LinkedIn. Update your profile and start posting at least once a week to increase your chances of getting found by them.


I understand that some of us would rather hide in a ball than “network” with others. However, there are several methods to develop relationships without attending large gatherings. Begin by choosing ten individuals you know well and inviting them for coffee with you.


We all want and need clients, but working with the RIGHT ones is the true challenge. Before you say “YES” to the next project, consider if this is the sort of client you want to work with. Not everyone is a good fit for you, so be wary of that.

Get SUPER Focused

Consider these (2) questions:

  1. What kind of work do you want to create?
  2. What type of firms do you want to work with?

Working with anybody who needs video, graphic design, photographs, websites, and so on is not a method to establish a successful and long-term business. Take the time to think about who you really want to work with and how you can best serve them.

Make the TIME!

The #1 excuse I hear is “I don’t have the time.” That’s nonsense. You do have the time; all you’re lacking is efficiency in how you use it. Make a schedule for 30 – 60 minutes each day to work on your business. Unless you make time, marketing, business development, and innovation will not happen.

TIP – When you book time for yourself, make a memorable and fun client name and treat “them” as your most important customer.

I hope these brief hints get you started in 2022 and help you turn your creative business into a success! If you want to make your company ROCK, please reach out for mentoring inquiries or hire me to give a talk at your next gathering!

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