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How to Create Blogs with Limited Writing Skills

We all understand the importance of blogs. They give us the highest SEO value when it comes to achieving a high ranking on search engine result pages as well as set us up as experts in our given industry.

Blog content can be repurposed in various ways too, especially on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. They can even be transformed into videos or audio content for podcast episodes. So, I think we can all agree that they do provide a lot of value for your business.

However, if you’re like me and understand the importance of blogs, but really struggle with writing them, this quick technique will help you to become a master blog producer in no time at all. 

I recently just learned about this technique through some of the networking groups I belong to, and honestly, it has totally changed my life and my perspective on writing blogs. It’ actually made the process so much easier and simplified that I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to adopt it. I used to have to put a lot of time aside for writing blogs, and I’d always get frustrated, and feel as though I was wasting time trying to find the right words to convey my messages. This technique has been such a time and sanity saver!

While this tip will help cut down the amount of time you spend working on your individual blog posts, I’m still an advocate of taking the time to figure out what your blog topics are going to be ahead of time. So you want to make sure that you do keep a catalog of blog topics in a spreadsheet, Word/Google doc, or in a notebook because they do really help you strategize about the content you want to create. 

So, if you dislike writing, or just have a hard time when it comes to sitting down to write out your content,  what I’m about to tell you will change everything. Period. 

The greatest thing about this technique is that’s is so simple and you actually have everything you need to do this right at your fingertips. All it requires is your cellphone and the internet.

Step 1 – Recording

Take out your cell phone and find the voice memo or voice recording app on your phone. If you don’t have one, just go to your app store and download a free one. They are all very easy to use and most of them out there are totally free even come pre-installed on your phone. You don’t need any fancy special equipment or special mics. You just need a quiet place to record on your phone. 

In fact, I’m creating this blog using my phone right now. 

Step 2 – Transcription

Once you’ve talked and recorded your blog, all you need to do next is take that audio file and head over to an online transcribing service, such as They make it very easy for you to upload any kind of audio or video file to be converted into basic transcriptions and captions. If you don’t have an account already, just create one and they will actually give you 45 min of free transcription time for opening a new account.  

*NOTE – As of the publishing of this post, actually just created an app that will record and transcribe all at once. 

Next, you’re going to take your audio file that you just recorded on your phone, upload that file through’s portal, and select transcription. Once you upload it, they will answer some quick questions and then you will receive a confirmation. Once the file is finished, you will be able to download that transcript in any kind of digital document.  

Step 3 – Editing 

Ok, so the title of this blog is, “How to Create Blogs with Limited Writing Skills”. This is the part where you will need to do some writing and editing. 

Once you’ve downloaded your document, you can then take it and edit it in any word processing program. I specifically like to use Google Docs because then I’ll share it with my freelance copywriter, who will then go in and help to make sense of everything that I wrote. I do go in and organize a bit first and create the first draft before sending it over for editing and tweaking. 

Then I will share it with my copywriter, who will go in and edit everything based on what I laid out. Then, I’ll give it another review to make sure it’s ready to ROCK and publish to my website. That’s pretty much it, blog written!!! 

So once again, all you have to do is use your brain, your phone, and the internet: 

  • Pick a blog topic
  • Record your voice using your cell phone or voice type feature
  • Send the audio file to
  • Edit in Google Docs 

Follow these steps to become a blogging ROCK STARin no time!

Be Authentic. Be Yourself. Always Remember to ROCK IT!

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