Video Interview: Use a Rock and Roll Mindset to Make Shit Happen

I recently had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on Tosca DeMatteo’s Talk about Tuesday Instagram LIVE show. We had an absolute blast together and Tosca is truly a kindred spirit and really “get it” when it comes to having a ROCK N’ ROLL Mindset!

Key takeaways from this video were:

  • Think it and you’ll become it; what you say MATTERS!
  • Celebrate your mistakes – it’s all part of the process
  • Part of growth is GOING ON TOUR! 
  • Put yourself out there and then worry about getting better 
  • BE YOU on the journey – it is the way to your greatest possibilities 
  • Don’t ask for permission: just do it!  
  • There are no shortcuts, but you can have fun doing it!  
  • Chase your dreams for the love of it – not because you have a stadium of fans
  • Call bullshit on your own, tired scripts!
  • Building deep, meaningful relationships is the key to making your goals become a reality
  • Leverage mastermind groups to help you fill in the holes of what you don’t know

If you want to have a ROCK N’ ROLL Mindset and get started on creating your personal brand and standing out, then contact us today!

Full Transcription

Tosca (00:00:01):

Hi, everyone. And welcome to talk about it. Tuesday, I’m Tosca, DeMateo founder of Tosca coaching and consulting, and I’m super thrilled to have you meet Chris vaguely. Oh, who’s going to be my guest today. We’re talking about how to use a rock and roll mindset to make happen. And here he is going to bring them on right now. So we could do this

Chris  (00:00:28):

What’s up. [inaudible] How are ya?

Tosca (00:00:32):

I’m good. I’m good. What’s new. What’s good.

Chris  (00:00:36):

Everything’s good today. Today’s a great day.

Tosca (00:00:39):

Yes, I agree. Agree. I’m feeling good. I’m super stoked for this conversation. So thank you for making the time to collaborate in this way and share your super powers with the world. Yeah, so I would say great. Yeah. Yeah. I’m excited. You know, it’s funny because I, one of the reasons why I love that we’re doing this is because we could either consider ourselves competitors or collaborators, right. In terms of, of the, the way that we serve the world. And I definitely love looking at this from a, from a collaborative standpoint, because you know, there’s 7 billion people in the world and there’s no need to have a finite mindset to say, you’re going to lose her. I’m going to win. Like we can, we can both win in the game of life. Yeah. So I usually yeah, first of all, like we are new in our relationship and I’m so excited for that. We’ve done a clubhouse conversation before and now we’re kind of in barking on this. We’re both really passionate about authenticity and building businesses in sustainable ways. And so I’m excited jump in and before we just get into the meat of all the stuff I’d love for you to just say, introduce yourself, share your story, whatever you want to share about, you know how you came to this point and just let people know who you are.

Chris  (00:02:11):

Well, I mean, once again, really happy to be here. Thanks for having me on. And I echo everything you just said. It’s like, you, you meet certain people in life for a reason. And you know, you can absolutely, you have a choice of choosing how to view it and how you want to look at it. You can say, Oh, we’re competitors. So screw it. I don’t care. Or you can really look at it and go, well, who cares if we both like, it’s all good. It’s all, it’s all awesome. Like we’re all sharing, we’re all serving. And it’s just a positive thing and that’s embrace it and to recognize it for what it is, which is, you know, powerful collaborations, deep, meaningful relationships. That’s what matters in life. Your life is too short to be worried about competiting and this and that. It’s, it’s all good.

Chris  (00:02:48):

So once again, I do appreciate you having me on the show. And so I’m really looking forward to this. So for everybody that’s watching right now, my name is Chris Maglio and I am the CEO rocket growth agency. And so my, my journey is is definitely I guess not all too unique, but I guess unique in the timing of it. So what I am right now is I’m, as I said, I’m the CEO of rocket growth and seen. So what rocket growth is, is I am a personal branding coach, and I specifically work with creative business owners who want to create what I always like to say a rockstar brand. And when we do that together, I can then help them to really gain the confidence, to create engagement for them and help them to bring on new clients by leveraging the power of having an owning a personal brand and really recognizing it for what it is.

Chris  (00:03:40):

My background is actually rooted in video production and filmmaking. So me and my business partner, my former business partner we met back in college actually online to register for classes at a County college of Morris CCM. And we met and we became really great friends, best friends. And we went to college together. Then we both graduated. CCM, went down to William Patterson, both graduated there. And after we were out, we decided, you know what, we’re both trying to do the filmmaker route. And that’s what we went to school for was filmmaking and trying to do things, getting jobs on sets PA which means production assistant for anybody who doesn’t know what a PA is. And we just, you know, we were going that route and we just decided actually, Mark was the one who came up with the idea. He’s like, you know what, let’s just start our own production company.

Chris  (00:04:28):

Like, let’s go, go that route. And of course it was like, yeah, sure, okay. It was a lot of thought put into that, but that’s what we did. I mean, we didn’t know anything about business, but we knew we wanted to do. And that’s how we started basically a 20 plus year career in, in video production. We grew a company that started out at a front porch of my house with just the two of us to eventually getting up to about 20 plus employees. And, and the company is still alive and still going. So what happened is, is I decided last year right after it started a pandemic in the lockdown, we had that, you know, certain things for me started bubbling up and my passions, I just recognized for what it was. My passions had changed as much as I still love creating and being a filmmaker in video for me, I just, I felt more of an urge and a need and a pull to really help others in a way that wasn’t necessarily being done with video anymore, but a way to really share my experiences and my knowledge of being, I guess, what you want to call an accidental business owner over 20 years, but really having to figure it out with no background in business and having to really figure a lot out.

Chris  (00:05:34):

And, and those unique sets of experiences and knowledge, I felt like I could really pass on and be a value to somebody. So I just really felt that need and urge to, to coach and to work with other folks. And that that’s where it started. And, you know, it was a process. It wasn’t an overnight decision because, you know, there was a certain amount of guilt of, Oh my gosh, I’m going to, you know, I get to leave the company I co-founded, and I love, but just wasn’t something I, I felt like my heart was into. And I felt like I had accomplished all that I wanted to accomplish. And I was just ready for a new journey. So of course, becoming honest with myself was stage one, which was difficult. And then the next hardest stage was then becoming honest with, with my business partner and best friend for, for over 25 years.

Chris  (00:06:16):

And that was difficult, but ultimately, you know, we, we talked it out and, and it’s great. I mean, we’re awesome. I mean, we just went through a hockey game last week, so we’re, we’re still really, really, really close friends. And and he still is carrying on our legacy and, and what we built. So I’m really happy that that’s a decision he chose to do so. Yeah, that’s still up and running gray sky films is still alive and well and still kicking. And I love it and I support it and, you know, I love everybody there. They’re still very near and dear to my heart. But here I am with rocket growth agency, a new business during a pandemic great timing. Right. but you don’t want, but I also felt like it, my wife said a great, she was like, you know, there’s going to be a lot of people out there that are really gonna need your help now. And that’s how that was. That’s been my guiding light through all this, and it’s not be assets. It really is true. Like I do this, this was all done by choice because it’s something that I just felt like I really, I really needed to do. And so here I am, I’m doing it. I’m following my dream. I’m following my passion and I’m honest honesty journey, so I’m ready to rock it.

Tosca (00:07:16):

Oh my God. I love everything about that story. And there’s like a few things I want to dive into, but before, before I do that, you know, so you’re, you’re a husband, you’re a dad of two, right?

Chris  (00:07:31):

Yep. Two awesome, awesome daughters and amazingly patient wife who just is puts up with so much. And, but it’s really like an inspiration, like big time for me. So yeah, my two daughters who are 21 and 17 and yeah. And, and my wife who is forever 29, she’s leaving.

Tosca (00:07:50):

Oh my God. That’s amazing. Did you, so, and, and did you meet your, I’m just curious, like you, you, you, how your, your BFF, you built a business together. Like, did you meet your wife early on too?

Chris  (00:08:06):

Yeah. I met my wife very early on. I mean, she was actually my, one of my very good friends, sisters, so, and we all just hung out together and we became very disclosed, best friends. And then eventually, you know, mom started dating and here we are, Oh my God. Hold on. This year will be 24 years. So next year is our 25th wedding. Yeah.

Tosca (00:08:30):

Hey, if you made it through the pandemic, like you’re going to make it to like 75, for sure. So

Chris  (00:08:35):

That’s the goal, that’s the goal.

Tosca (00:08:38):

I love it. Oh my gosh. You know, I think that, I think that says to me, you know, about your just super power in, in building relationships and, and, and for the long-term right. To have a, you know, just to not overlook to, to a BFF, to build a business and to be able to walk away from that and maintain the strength of your relationship. It says a lot about you and a lot about the hard work that goes in to the relationships that you build. So kudos to you for that.

Chris  (00:09:12):

Oh, he said, I thank you.

Tosca (00:09:16):

Yeah. well, I, I look forward to us having a conversation in 25 years and say, remember when we met during the pandemic. And you know, and so, so there was so much in your story that, that I want to like ask you about. And one of the things that really stuck out, especially because part of what I do is, is, you know, career coaching. When you, when you hit that moment, you realize, Oh my God, this thing I’ve been doing for 20 or 25 years, like isn’t the thing anymore. And to be able to like, see that and recognize it and make a choice to do something else, I think is incredibly hard. I don’t think we, we are not, it’s not part of the education system to say, okay guys, look, you’re going to go on a road. And then at some point on that road, you’re going to realize like, you want to get on a new road. Like, so I’m curious. Yeah. Right. Like, so tell me more about that process. Like about the, like, what were you feeling when you were like, Holy. I think I don’t want to do this anymore. And like, was it hard for you?

Chris  (00:10:26):

[Inaudible] I’ll be brutally honest here. I mean, it was probably one of the toughest decisions I have. I actually had, I can’t even remember making, I mean, it was, it was really, really difficult because it’s hard to, you know, hold so much blood and sweat and tears into something and grow it. And, and I really felt like, wow, I’m really walking away. I feel like I’m letting everybody down. I felt very guilty for feeling this way. Like, I’m like, why should I feel this way? This is ridiculous. This is mine. I dealt this. I’m 50% responsible for it. It’s like, yo, like I put everything I had into this. And then to start feeling differently was it was hard. And I got to tell you, it’s something that I didn’t even realize how, I guess how much I had like buried it for a long time.

Chris  (00:11:19):

Just cause, you know, it’s just in your day to day business owner, you’re doing your thing you’re invested. And it’s just like, we just tend to sometimes push things down as I got whatever, just, but you know, when this happened and locking the, you know, the lockdown and I mean, they talk about like, you know, business sort of getting turned off by the faucet, like right away with something like this happened initially on, I mean, it’s almost been a year ago. It’s been a year ago now. It was, it was very difficult. It was really, really difficult to process. And I, and I, and I had to do a lot of soul searching and I had to, and I talked to a lot of people. What I’ve done in the past is I leveraged my network. I go to the people I trust and, and talk to about these feelings and, and really work it through.

Chris  (00:12:01):

And, and that was ultimately what it came down to was me very much realizing that this was something I had to get honest with myself on and make a decision and actually a little bit sooner than later in the sense of like, you know, if this is the way I’m feeling, I shouldn’t just sit on it and let it dwell because things could get worse. Like it could turn and it could manifest into something very, very negative between me and my business partner, who was also one of my best friends and like that turning into like a very toxic relationship, which is something I didn’t want to happen. But, you know, by once again, not being coming honest with myself, so it was, it was a process. It wasn’t like maybe for some, but for me it wasn’t like, Oh, I’m just not going to do this. And that’s it. And I’m just walking away and I’m canceling it. Like, that’s just not happening. It’s like a Netflix subscription.

Tosca (00:12:49):

Well, no, and I don’t think that that’s the process and for anybody, like, I think it would be the exception for those that can just turn something on and off after spending 20, 25 years doing it. And that’s what I love, like digging into this with you, because I think especially, you know, I, I think maybe even more so for women, right. Feel like, like quitting something it’s like failure or saying like, this isn’t for me anymore is like, is, is almost like like questioning, were you on the right path in the first place? Like, these are the kinds of inner critics that come into our heads, right. To say, like, I shouldn’t say just for women, I think it’s for everybody. And I think there’s certain societal pressures on women and certain ones for men. Right? Like that,

Chris  (00:13:40):

It’s an unfortunate truth. I mean, it’s, it sucks to just flat out sucks, but it is, it’s still something that exists.

Tosca (00:13:50):

Yeah. And I think, you know, I think hearing it from you has a lot of weight too, because to know like this, this, this happens to everyone to say like the guilty feelings. Right. And like, it’s, it’s just so natural. So I think even normalizing, right. Normalizing, like this is a human experience when, you know, when we say Oh. Like, I, I think I need something different in my life and that’s okay. And that’s it,

Chris  (00:14:18):

Which is something that’s what you just said is perfectly, it’s something I really had to come to grips with, like, is this okay to be feeling like this? Like, this is where the guilt was coming in. Like, why am I feeling like this? I be feeling like this. Like, let me just get over this. Like, is this something I just get over? You know? And it’s just like, this was the process for me personally, that I was going through. And yeah, it was weird, but like to now it was the right decision because I wake up every day and I feel awesome. I mean, I feel like this was for me, like in my soul, this was, this is what I need, what I needed to do. And and I think that’s important. Just thing that I wrote down that I’m 100%, you know, happy I did it for myself because I needed to do it.

Chris  (00:15:12):

And I feel like that if I had once again, if I had let it go and buried it and said, let me just deal with it. And all that, it would’ve gotten worse before it would have gotten better. And I say that because it’s not that Grace Guy or where I was, was a toxic environment. It was great. It’s an awesome company. I love it. I love what we built, the culture, the people there was nothing like that. It wasn’t like I was butting heads or having problems, or it was any of this stuff going on. None of that stuff was happening. So I also want to preface that, that it wasn’t anything like that. It wasn’t pushed out. Or I just, for me, I, I came to a realization that wow, you know, like I think I’m ready for something else. And you know, and it’s like, am I ready? I know, I think I am, and I should really follow this through because this is what I’m feeling.

Tosca (00:16:01):

Well, you know what, I think I just getting chills because I think it is when we are in positions, good positions that it’s even harder to follow our truth, harder to follow the, the, you know, the the whispers and then knocking saying like, Hey, there’s something else here for you because we’re like, well, why would we leave this thing? We’re fine. Versus being like, you know what, my life could actually be even so much better if I just listened to, if I pay attention to my feelings, if I listened to like this other calling that I have now you know, and when I ended up leaving corporate it was, it was from a position of like, actually things are okay, which was actually very different from when I left other, other positions and jobs. It was always I was always like at my wit’s end and like time to go, you know? And so, and so for me, like having to make a position from a stance of like, Oh, I’m actually, I’m actually doing all right here. And, and yeah, I’m going to leave it like, you know, is that okay? Is it okay? You want more for myself?

Chris  (00:17:05):

Well, that’s exactly it. Like, is this okay? Like, that’s exactly it. Like, is this really okay to be doing this? You know? And I listen, and I just want us to want to say this isn’t something that, I mean, I have these feelings and I, I, this wasn’t without like, obviously talking to like my wife, who’s my partner. And like, here, you know, cause this is, this is obviously a huge change for us. And you know, it’s a risk. Yeah. All those things, you know? Yes. I know whatever, you know, the financial side. Yeah. Obviously, you know, for me, it’s like, I want to get back to that as fast as I can. But I mean, it’s something that we openly discussed together and you have to, I mean, it’s silly cause it affects her. It’s it’s not just, you know, it’s not a one-sided decision here. Like this is a, this is a partnership together. So you know what one of us does affects the other, especially when it comes to something like this, where, you know, making it, making a complete career change in the sense I’m like even going from one business to the next it wasn’t like I had a job offer or anything like decided to start a new business.

Tosca (00:18:05):

Right. But, you know, I love how you positioned it earlier. You said stage one is I have to be honest with myself, you know, because like once you know your truth, then it becomes easier to have the conversations to say, what do we think about this? Right. Cause you’re not operating in a vacuum at all, you know?

Chris  (00:18:22):

Not at all. No.

Tosca (00:18:25):

So, okay. So I just, yeah, I thank you for going there with me because like I think digging into that and being like, Oh right, like this isn’t easy. And like, it doesn’t happen overnight. And, and the fact that you have this awareness to be like, I can’t bury these feelings, I have to honor them, like is huge because I think so many people choose to bury and say, and just say, I don’t want to deal with that, but you have to end that you end up having to deal with it at some point, because it will eat you alive. If you don’t like pay attention to those signs, you know?

Chris  (00:18:57):

Well, and, and you do have to recognize it. And that’s all I can say is for anybody, if you are feeling that way as to is to just get honest with yourself and really take the time to sit and think it through, talk it out, talk it out with people close to you. Do not hold it up inside because that’s was a spot. I almost went down and, and it would have been, it would have been a horrible, horrible decision. It really would have been. It would have been probably while I was saying one of the best decisions and hardest, but it would have been probably one of the worst decisions of my life. Had I not like talked it out, sat and thought it through and really leveraged the people in my life to, to go through the process.

Tosca (00:19:38):

Yeah. And I think that the pandemic is creating a lot of these openings and these questionings and these right. For, for so many people. That’s why I think this is so relevant to, to talk about you know, when we shift, when our calling shift or when our passion shift or, or any of that stuff, because it is normal, you know,

Chris  (00:20:00):

I think that, and the other question you could ask me is, is, is with the pandemic hadn’t happened, would I have done the same thing? And I think that the big question is, I don’t know. I think though I probably would have where we were based before we shut down. We were already like, you know, on a very awesome trajectory for having this like outstanding year in business. I don’t think, I think once again, I would have been so like, so consumed with work and that, I think once again, I probably would have, but it would have come back up. It was always there. It just, it probably the timeline would have been much more extended out. And I think at some point, yes, I probably would have, I can’t say definitively, but I think that, yes, the pandemic did, did accelerate it because it just afforded me the time to actually like recognize the way I felt, whereas I wasn’t taking the time to recognize.

Tosca (00:20:56):

Right, right. Yeah. I, it makes sense to XL. Definitely a lot of acceleration going on. So on the other thing I want to ask you about, right. Like, because we’re talking about like this rock and roll mindset and you know, the fact that, you know, 20, some years ago you were like, all right, let’s just do this. Let’s jump in. And, and then, you know, there’s a part of me that’s like, okay, I think this is just kind of who Chris is. And then there’s this other idea that we talked about, which is this, this, this mindset. So tell me more about what that means you rock and roll mindset and, and how has it served you in your life?

Chris  (00:21:31):

I’ll back up a little bit, cause I want to put some things in a context, just so when we go here, like people understand like where for sure. And this is my experience. So back in the early nineties, back in the early nineties I was very much, I mean I grew up, I’ll just start. I grew up like all around, nothing but music, rock music, classic rock grew up on the Beatles. As you can see kisses. My buddy, I grew up on, on that then eventually hard rock van Hale and kiss. Ozzy sat, all this stuff I made and got very much in the metal, became a big, big metal head, all the, all the stuff, Metallica, everything. And that was pretty much me all through my formative years in high school. And when I got to college, that’s when I had gotten much more exposed to like the punk and the hardcore scene here in New Jersey and in New York, New Jersey, like I was always into it and I always listen to it, but I was never immersed in the scene.

Chris  (00:22:33):

Like I became in college because it was just something, I was, it was the culture and it was around. And I just, I got very heavy into it. And I, I, I, I formed punk bands. I formed hardcore bands and formed indie rock bands. I got, I was putting shows on at Legion halls and firehouses and basements. And I was, I started selling records that shows like, so you would have like what was called, like a distro distribution. So a distro for short and you would buy records and sell. It was almost like a show was like a mini flea market with like music and people selling music. And it was like amazing. And all this was done by kids. Like it was like a network of kids, like people like my like 19 years old, just doing things. And for me, it was such an amazing experience of going through that and being part of that scene and, and being creative and, and we can use it and meeting people and it taught me what I realized now, or even, you know, is that what for me, what I, what I say, I didn’t go to business school.

Chris  (00:23:32):

I went for filmmaking. That was what I, but being part of that gave me the foundation for everything I use in business. So relationship building doing things on your own, not asking for permission, do things like just going ahead and doing it, this DIY like mentality of like, you know what, no one else is going to do it for you. And it also gave me like the confidence in myself from the creativity standpoint and just fostered all those things and taught me how to use that and just laid that very strong foundation for me then going into finishing college and then beginning to start my first business, which was great sky films, which is what Mark and I started together. And Mark was part of that too. And so that’s why it was like what I said. It was like, literally gets out of the shower and goes, what do you want to start a business?

Chris  (00:24:19):

You know, calls me up. And I was like, yeah, sure. Because it’s the, to me, it was the same process, like saying, Hey, do you want to start a band? It was like, okay. Yeah, sure. Let’s go start a band. Like what’s stopping us. You know? And that mentality was very much our mentality of like, yeah, let’s just do this. Like nothing’s to stop us. Let’s just go ahead. Cause this is how we’ve done everything. And for me, that’s why I always like to call it the rock and roll mindset, because it is like, you don’t necessarily have to be involved in rock and roll or have gone through the punk and hard or any of that stuff. Like, that’s just me, that’s my experience. But do I like to call the rock and roll mindset? Is that combination of utilizing that, Hey, I’m not going to wait around for permission to do things like, I’m just going to go do them.

Chris  (00:24:59):

Like, there’s nothing holding me back from doing the things I want to do except for myself. And, and that’s how I view things, but it’s also having a positive mental attitude, which that didn’t come from. That’s not, it’s, that’s, that’s going all the way back to Napoleon Hill and forever and ever like that thing, you know, think and grow rich and, and positive mental attitude and having that because you have to have that to get through all this, the do anything you want to do. And so rock and roll mindset for me is a combination of all that, like, you know being authentic, being honest having a positive mental attitude, you know, ready to like be able to, to share your knowledge and serve, but also not giving you know, not giving a carer or a crap in the world, what people are going to think about it because you’re doing it.

Chris  (00:25:43):

Like most of the times people are giving you, because they’re just jealous that they’re not doing it. Or, you know, there there’s a deep seated resentment or jealousy there. And it’s just like, you’ve just got to tune that stuff out and you learn how to do it because, you know, once again, like you are, you, you have your own unique set of experiences and knowledge and things out there that are of value. And that’s the thing that you should be relying on. And that’s where, you know, you can kind of cancel out self doubt and things cause we all go through it. But once again, just bringing it back to like that center. I am me, I’ve had my own unique set of experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained and that’s what I’m sharing. I’m not, you know, and I feel confident in that because it did happen to me. Like these things happen to me, things happen to you and that’s where you, that’s where your center is from. And then that’s it that’s rock and roll mindset right there for you, like not giving a crap about what people think and just doing it. And don’t ask for permission.

Tosca (00:26:40):

Yes. I love, I love all of that. I, you know, I was sitting here thinking like it’s so transferrable, right? Like your experience. Right. And and is serving that mindset. And so you know, I think that other people can consider, well, what is it in your life that would give you the mindset of, of you can do anything of who gives a about what other people think about, like, just, just putting it out there, you know, regardless of the audience size, you know because look, yeah. There’s truth, right? There’s there’s truth about certain, you know, certain people have certain privileges and certain people have different obstacles. And, but we’re not, we’re not talking about that. What we’re talking about is like, is like, how do you honor, what’s inside of you and, and blast through your own self doubt. We know, we know that there are systemic things. We know that there’s other things out there externally, that absolutely impact us, but it’s like we put ourselves in our own cages because of our mindset because of our limiting beliefs. And what I’m hearing you say is like, when you think about it, like a punk rock band, when you think about these 19 year olds, that just did what they wanted to do, that was the time, like, what is it in your life that you can hang on to and say like, I want that mindset know

Chris  (00:28:01):

Well, and it’s a process. I mean, it’s not easy, you know, it is, it does take time and it takes recognition of doing it, but you’re, if you, oops, I just saw it go. But if you’re doing it and working towards it every single day, like, right, it just becomes then a maintenance of that mindset. And that’s, it’s, it’s, it’s small, incremental changes every day that add up to like bigger picture of things. I mean, and it, the thing is, I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before by, by countless other authors and coaches and influencers and, and see, I mean, everybody, I mean, just anybody in general, like to me, there’s just like golden rules of like life and like dealing with things. And I think that if you want to truly make something happen in your life, regardless of what that is like, regardless, whatever your version of success is, you can absolutely get there, but you have to change your mindset and you have to build a routine and a pattern for yourself.

Chris  (00:29:04):

You have to begin to change these things in your life. However, you can do them. And they may be very small changes, but they will add up and things will happen. As you go along, it will you know, and it’s not, it’s not easy. Like I’m not going to say like, yeah, in a week from now, like, Oh, you know, I’m going to mail a letter to myself. And like, all of a sudden things are going to change. Like, that’s not what I’m saying at all. Like, it does take time. It takes work. It takes patience. It takes discipline. It takes like, you know, getting deterred and having negative things happen, but then sort of like dealing with them and getting back on it again and not getting sucked into like a black hole of like, you know, and believe me, I go through it.

Chris  (00:29:44):

I go through moments of that. Like we all do where human beings, like, why, you know, that’s just, I’d be lying to everybody. If I said that, that doesn’t happen to me. It does. But, you know, I’ve just learned over time, how to deal with it, how to pull myself out of it, how to, you know, just recognize it for what it is, but it’s taken a lot of hard work to do it and, and select, but that’s the thing I’d rather be like here and like maintaining a really positive mental attitude than be down here and like be just in a constant state of like you know, negativity and dealing with that and like just reading through it. So, yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s a, it’s an interesting thing. And it’s something that I’ve realized that has helped guide me through the years.

Chris  (00:30:32):

And I feel like that’s why, you know, people go, well, why, you know, how come, how was gray sky films? So successful? How is great films still so successful? And I don’t, there’s not one magic bullet. I mean, this is, you know, Mark and I, for years and years and years worked on this and we talked, we collaborated, but we would always, you know, we always recognize the same things, having a great mastermind group recognizing when you need help being an open and honest with each other, having communication and having mindset that when things happen to recognize what they are to recognize failures as success and to learn from them as fast as you can and take the positives out of it and grow rather than like sitting in dwelling and going, Oh, you know, like poor as us or what was me. And it’s just like, no, you just gotta get by that like recognize opportunities for what they are good or bad and use get as much out of it as you can so they can grow because that’s what we all want to do.

Chris  (00:31:26):

We’re all getting better, you know, 1% better. My friend, great coach Martin Rooney he’s, he’s amazing, you know, training for warriors, but he’s always saying like, and I had a Marshall, my martial arts mentor to back into, they used to tell me this all the time too. Like I’m 1% better today than I was yesterday. Why? Because it’s like, that’s it, those are small incremental changes that I’m talking about. What did I do today? That was better than I did yesterday. I don’t know right now, but I can guarantee you I’m 1% better today than I was yesterday and the day before that. And the day before that. And so I’d rather be 1% better today than I was yesterday. Then like, just make this tremendous leap because what have I really learned and gained anyway. So, you know, there’s no shortcuts to any of this stuff. It just takes time, you know, and that’s that’s, but like, you can make it fun. You can dig into this stuff. You know, I love this. I can talk about this stuff with you all day.

Tosca (00:32:17):

Oh my God, I love this. This is important. Like, you know, I’m like, you see me looking down as I’m writing notes for like, after we published this like, you know, that what resonates so much is like that it is, it is the process. It isn’t a matter of, I’m going to put this mindset on and everything would be hunky Dory. It’s like, it’s like, it’s every day, it’s everyday journey. And we talked about this before, right around like this industry that likes to say, I’m going to six-figure growth and did a six months, like, you, you, you can’t promise that. And like, and right. And like, and like the, the sustainable way, you know, of, of building businesses or, or, or building anything for that matter is the day in and day out of, of dealing with the emotions of dealing with the self-doubt of, of getting back to your mindset. It’s it’s yeah. And that there is no magic bullet, you know,

Chris  (00:33:23):

Well, whole track to any of this stuff. You know, it is, I hate to sound a little old fashioned about this stuff, you know, but like, but I, I love that we’re living in a, in a, in a world right now. I absolutely love the energy. And I actually preneurs, I mean, how many young people, young people, but, but just so many people have been influenced in sort of ignited fire has been lit where they’re like, wow, I can make changes. I can do these things. I can become an entrepreneur. I can become a digital. And I love it. I love it. We’re living where you truly are paid the aside. It’s it’s it has done what we were talking about. It’s lit a fire under a lot of people to go and go get those things and attain those things. But what comes along with that unfortunately are, and I’m not naming anybody at all here, but I mean, you see it.

Chris  (00:34:10):

And I think anybody out there sees it, there’s definitely a lot of quote unquote, snake oil peddlers out there who are, yes, the fast track to this and by the system, and you’ll do this. And like really honestly, at the end of the day, like, go read, think, and grow rich, like go read the E-Myth go read you know, even delivering happiness or raving fans like these books. I mean, there’s so many of us, but that’s where you’re going to begin to really get what you need to build business. I mean, and then yeah, building relationships like real deep, meaningful, honest relationships, that’s how you might not have gray scatter. So successful. Well, one of the things we did was we built deep, meaningful relationships from the people in our networks. It’s something I do now. It’s something I’ve always done. That is a cornerstone to me, of any business.

Chris  (00:35:00):

And of course, mindset, as we’ve been talking about is huge. Like you can’t buy mindset, you know, you can’t buy it. You can work with, you know, people like Haiti or yourself or other people to help, to help you fight through challenges and roadblocks and help and help you on your journey to mindset. But I can’t give someone a positive mental. You can’t give someone the mindset. You can only help give them the guidance that’s needed, the, the influence and, and, and help them along their journey. But at the end of the day, you can’t just make someone have a positive mental attitude or all the different things that you and I both do. Like I could to people about personal branding. And I will help you to the best of my ability to get you to where you need to be, but you still got to do the work like I’m going to help give you the tools and what I know and the experience and analogy I have, but I can’t make you do it.

Chris  (00:35:51):

You know, like that lie, that lies within you. So there is no magic bullet to the success of it. It does lie within you and you have the tools, you have the choices to make out there to obtain the tools, to give you what you need to get, to become successful in whatever your version of success is. Like not everybody’s success is monetary, some people’s successes. Hey, I just want to be independent. I just want to go live on a beach. You know, I just want to go travel the United States in, in a trailer because I don’t want to be locked out. I want to see that I want to see every state in the country and have experiences. Like, if that’s your version of success, then yes, go do that. Like, whatever your version of success is, like, just, you know, write it down and stare at it every single day. And you know, and you know, you know, it’s magically not going to happen. It happens because you’re seeing it every day and you’re giving your brain the influence that it needs to carry out your thoughts and manifest it into actions every single day that you’re aware.

Tosca (00:36:50):

Well, and I think that, you know, there is magic in, in the process, right? Like, yeah, there’s no magic bullet, but that when we get, when we, when we allow, you know, when we keep ourselves open, when we keep our heart open, I think, and when we are taking actions in the, the direction of our dreams that we will, I think you’ve discovered magic in that process.

Chris  (00:37:15):

Well, it is really, you it’s, the magic comes from you. It’s comes from you, like realizing that your, your mind opens up your heart opens up. You, you, you begin to become more perceptive of the opportunities and the, the, the things around you, the energy around you, the people in your life, that, those things that just, you just couldn’t see before. And once again, that’s totally okay. It’s totally okay. Because we don’t always see all the things directly in front of us. It takes a little bit of time to do it, but when it does, it does feel like magic because it’s like, Oh my gosh, I’m seeing things like truly the way they are for the first time. Like, I’m discovering things about myself that I forgot, you know, I forgot these things about myself, or I just never realized that as a real strength of mine, you know, and that stuff is super magical because it’s just, you’re just utilizing everything. You’re already born with everything stuff. That’s you, you’re just now using it, right?

Tosca (00:38:19):

Yes. Yes. It’s already inside of you, anybody who’s out there, it’s like, you’re wondering, it’s like, it’s already inside you. It’s about, it’s about this, that discovery process.

Chris  (00:38:27):

Yeah. It’s not the sun on new agey and stuff like that, but I’m telling you this, this is, this isn’t this isn’t new age stuff. This is, this is just truth. I mean, we, as human beings are equipped with everything that we need to survive and, and be successful. We have what we need, you know, we have brains, we can go obtain knowledge. We can get, you know, we can, we can learn things. We can manifest our thoughts and the actions. And on top of that, we’re blessed with the power of choice.

Tosca (00:38:55):

Yes. Yes. And, and you know, this idea of right. You know, there’s, there’s a lot of vernacular out there where you might call a woo-hoo. We want to call it new age, whatever. But, but I think, look, there is no, there’s no doubt when people hear you, Chris, they know that it comes from not a place of this, just, just toxic positivity, but from a place of like, you’ve been there, you’ve traveled the road, you know how to get through it like that, that, you know, the, the person, the consistency and the persistence are, are part of part of the ingredients. And, you know, I think one of the things I love about your story and I’d love to dig into more, right. Is that, look, you started a business, you know? But you didn’t have a business background. Right. And I think that, and I think that we, people limit themselves, right.

Tosca (00:39:46):

Myself included. When we tell ourselves we are, we’re supposed to have these things, this is supposed to be the path. This either misses kind of, this is the path that others have laid for us. And then that is, that’s how you get this done, which isn’t true at all. So I’d love to hear more about like, you know, did that ever, like, did that pop up for you at different stages in building a business to say, Oh, I don’t like, cause you, you did it, you learned as you went, right. And you’ve got what you needed when you needed it. You didn’t have to go get a degree to do it. You figured it out, which is totally valid.

Chris  (00:40:22):

Ooh, Oh. Moments. And like, what the hell are we doing? And like, why aren’t we doing this? Like, why? Like, I was tons of those moments, but, you know, that’s where we learned very early on, like really having like a mastermind group of people around you that you can call on. And that was a one for one of the first mentors, Mark and I ever had. He told us that like, you have to develop a mastermind group, consider me part of your group, but develop a mastermind group. And they don’t have to be the people in the same industry as you, they don’t even have to really be truly in business, but there are people you could turn to when, when you need the clarity that the advice, the knowledge to, to, to move on to the next thing, that, to go through those, those rough parts that you’re going to have in your, as you go along your business journey and believe me, there’s hundreds of them that happen.

Chris  (00:41:10):

I mean, every step you take is just going to be faced with another you know, another, another challenge, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. It’s just part of growth. I mean, growing up and living life is, is a challenge. Like, you know, walking outside the door is a challenge. I mean, we’re living in a dorm living through a pandemic right now, and it’s been a challenge, but like, we’ve, you know, we’ve, you know, risen to it and we’ve all helped each other out. And, and that’s, that’s a true Testament right there to things like, we’ve all learned how to survive. And in some people even like really, really thrive, you know, during this, and, you know, there have, have been some positives that come out of, you know, something that’s affected us as a, as a global community. But yeah, those challenges are real.

Chris  (00:41:56):

And I did not have a roadmap. I did not have anything planned out. I mean, we, we took it as it came. We, we use our instinct, we trusted our gut. And when we got stuck, we asked for help or we went and we tried to gain, we gained the knowledge and it was a lot of mistakes me but we learned from those mistakes. And then we’re just better the next time around you know, w w w on all that. Sure. Would it have been valuable? Like, I guess, you know, but at the same time, I don’t know, often think like how I always, how I was describing it to you. Like, I, this is something I actually to want to write a bucket out in a way, but I do want to say it’s like, you know, for me going through like punk rock and hardcore was like my version of business school.

Chris  (00:42:44):

It was like the punk rock school. Like that was my four years of school in that sense. And I, and I went to school, but I went to school for filmmaking and blamed me. They don’t teach you anything about business and in the filmmaking world that they, you know, it’s like, yeah, here’s how you do this. Now. Now go create like, you know, you learn how to become a better trader, but definitely nothing about being a business person. You know, that’s not what you just going to go out and go get. And, and so that’s, that’s what we did. And we just, we leaned on each other and we leaned on our network and we learned, and we listened to, we made mistakes and we took risks and some things paid off, some things didn’t, we failed, we succeeded, but even in failures or success, like, that’s how you have to look at it. You know? I mean, you can be paralyzed by failure, but failure is, is just a product of, of doing things. And failure should not be celebrated in our culture as, as a or looked at. I’m sorry, failure. Shouldn’t be looked at as like, you’re a complete waste, you know, like, you know, you’re garbage, you failed, God failure has to be looked at as like, Hey, you tried something like kudos and yeah. While you quote unquote failed, what did you learn?

Tosca (00:43:55):

Yeah. And I, I often talk about, like, I think we use the word failure far too much. And, and if you look at the origins of that word actually comes from the financial system. But I think that it’s like, it’s a, to me, I like to think about it as learning forward. You know, what, where is it that we really see true failure versus learning forward? And I think that, you know, this society, right, it says, okay, here is here’s the box, and this is how you play in that box. And, and, but we have the question, right? Those, those, those four walls that we’re given. Right. Because even I think, and this is part of my experience, she was like, okay, I may go, and I may get these tools and I may learn these boxes, but if I’m not careful, if I just play by those rules of that box, I’m limiting myself.

Tosca (00:44:53):

I am limiting what’s possible. So I will often, I remember like, you know, having to create decks or having whatever projects it’s like, I don’t want to see the example. I don’t want to see what was done in the past, because that will restrict me in terms of like how I can do it in the way that that honors my superpowers and my way of thinking, you know? And so I think that, you know, when you can really honor yourself and say, I can do it my way, and I don’t need to put these other barriers in front of myself, which I think people do oftentimes you’re like, Oh, I want to shift careers and be a personal branding coach. Oh, I won. I, that means I got to go do these things. No, you don’t, you don’t have to do any of that. Like it’s, it’s within you. All right. You know, I mean, it’s exactly. Yeah. It’s like so I, I it’s like, I don’t know how you think about it, but you know, when, when we start to hear the word should, or I need to, it’s like a huge indication of like some inner critic, you know, giving you some line. That’s not true.

Chris  (00:46:05):

Well, yeah. I mean, and that’s, that’s the thing. And, and, you know, like I said, if there’s anything that, the big thing that I learned, like going through, like being involved in, in a whole music scene and all that was just that, like, don’t ask permission for. Like literally just do it because no one else is going to don’t maybe you’ll get asked by somebody else to like, Hey, do a band or something. But like, but if you want to make music a certain way to go do it, if you want to go sell records on shows, go do it. You want to put a shot and just go do it. If you want to publish a Z on your own and like, you know, print it out and get it go Xerox, and then pass it out at you. I mean, this is what was going on.

Chris  (00:46:43):

You could do that. Nobody is stopping you from doing any of this stuff. And much like what we’re talking about here. No one is stopping you from starting a business or going to do the things that you want to do. Like you should just do them, you know? Cause if any, but anything that we’ve all learned is that life is way too short. And time is the one thing we never get back. Like once it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s spent that’s it. And you know, and now, you know, we have to do with, with what we have left and where we’re at. Like I’d rather spend it trying to not even trying, but, but going after things that make me happy, doing the things that make me happy and fulfilled at the end of the day, then the things that do not. And because it’s it, I mean, we’re, we’re only, and we believe whatever you want to believe.

Chris  (00:47:32):

That’s fine. But like w what I have now, what I’m given, I’m trying to do the best I can with, with the time I have. And I’m trying to live a very happy life. And if I can help other people along that journey, that’s what I want to do, and I’m doing it and I’m doing it. So, you know, not living in a McMansion somewhere or anything like that, I’m not driving my you know, my, my my Lamborghini and taking pictures on Instagram and saying, Hey, if you, if you come coaching with me, you too, can evidence YouTube have this Lamborghini, like, maybe in just 90 days? Like, that’s, you know, Amy, it’s just not me at all. Like you know, all I can say is like, if you work with me or, you know, you work with somebody like yourself that, you know, we’re going to show you the best tools that we know possible to help you achieve the things that you want to achieve. And that’s, that’s what we can offer

Tosca (00:48:25):

Such, such safe council. And I, I think that that I just lost my train of thought. Oh, I know, you know that when, when we were talking before in preparation for this, right, you talked about like that roadmap, you know, and I’d love for you to share that because I thought it was so powerful, especially in an age where people just think, you know, I think some people are just like, if I just can go viral, if I could just, you know, tomorrow have a million whatever, and, you know, Oprah watches my which is like, okay, good luck with that strategy. But can you talk about the, do you know what process I’m talking about then when you start a band, like, what do you do when you start a band? And like, what does that, you know, what does that look like?

Chris  (00:49:09):

Well, it’s like, you know, there there’s, this, there’s some ways you can go do that. So for instance, like, I mean, a lot of times, like for me, I’ll share what I did. Like, I mean, when I started a band, it was, we got together and we learned a bunch of cover songs, and that was way back in high school. And we, we, we learned how to play some cover tunes because we wanted, you know, we wanted to be in a band and we’re like, well, we don’t really know how to write music, but we will learn these songs. And we learned those songs and we played them. And by doing those songs, we learned how to play. We learned how to get better. Then eventually you start other bands and, and baby, or the same band, and you begin to do cover songs, but maybe you start the rearrange them or do different arrangements of them because, you know, you’re, you’re getting more comfortable and you want to start doing different versions.

Chris  (00:49:52):

Then eventually you’re starting to write original songs and maybe you’re slipping those into your set that eventually before you know it, you’re doing all original tunes. And then maybe you’re doing the one cover song that you still love, and it gets the audience going because you love playing it. And they love hearing it. And it’s a great way to like end the night on such a positive note, you know? And, and that’s sort of like how I view things, you know, I have this like, modality of that is like, listen, you know, when you start off on things, you, yeah, you may copy or imitate or be heavily influenced by those before you, but eventually you start finding your own way, your own voice. And then you start picking and choosing the things that influence you and putting that. And I think that’s true for any creator, anybody out there like filmmaking is the same thing.

Chris  (00:50:36):

Like, you know, you’re influenced by West Sanders and George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and you start doing things that are like, wow, that’s really like, it seems like this. But then you do find your own footing, your own creative voice or whatever it is. And you start making it your own, you start owning it. And now that’s what you are. That’s what you’re known for. That’s the type of music you play, or the kinds of films you create, or the business you run, or you’re the way you look on Instagram or whatever it is like that’s, that’s then how the process goes. And everybody is capable of doing that. You know, you could just play covers forever, and that’s cool too. Like, but maybe you play those cover songs differently than how that band plays, cover songs. You know, maybe you do it more traditional. Maybe you slip in a little bit more of your your personality or your style to that song. Like you bring a different flavor or a re-imagining of that song. Like there’s so many waging and go with that. And that’s, you know, I mean, think about restaurants, the restaurants are great. Like, you know, how many Italian restaurants and you’ve been to, but every Italian restaurant is not really like the other or, you know, any of them like, because why, because yeah, they were influenced, but they are now doing their thing, their version of it, you know? And that’s, that’s true for anything.

Tosca (00:51:48):

I, I just, I love that. I, you know, when I think about my business and I think, you know, and I, and I think that’s so true, right. Because I, you know, sure. I have some original thoughts, but, you know, I have fallen into the trap of using like language that’s out there, but it’s not really my language. Right. It’s just like, it’s just a vernacular. And, and it takes time to then say like, all right, like, how do I, how do I talk about authenticity without like using the same, you know, language and like, you know, which I dunno, I’m still working on that, but you know, you, you you’ve inspired me about like the all w w everything we’re talking about is about finding your truth, being yourself and honoring, you know, what it is you want to share. And if we hold ourselves back by perfectionism, or if we hold ourselves back, because we say, well, it’s all been done. Those are all lies because it hasn’t been done the way that you will do it. And it hasn’t been said the way that you will say it, you know,

Chris  (00:52:42):

There’s one thing to be said about quality and maintaining quality and, and things like that. And being very aware of that, that’s, that’s a big difference. The other, the other, the other side of it, as, yes, it’ll never be perfect. It’ll never be done. Why? Because you’re creating it. There’s no, there’s no way of that. Like, that’s, it, it’ll never be perfect. You know, you just got to get out there and you got to start doing it and you’ll, and if you want to get better at something you’re going to naturally get better. Whether that’s you know, posting pictures on Instagram or crate writing posts and content, or making videos, or doing podcasts, all these things, like, look what we’re doing right now. Like, this is as, as simple as it gets, there’s two people on my conversation on an, on live, on Instagram, you know, nothing high-quality about this, but like, we’re just talking, we’re having a conversation.

Chris  (00:53:29):

People are watching it, and we’re delivering content, talking about the things that like drive us and the things that fuel also things that we’re into, like, that’s as easy as it can be, you know? And, and I think that, but the more you do it, you’ll better. You’ll get like, the more I do things like this, the better I’ll get next time I’ll have a tripod set up. So I’m not sitting here holding it. Cause I was trying to get my, my little thing set up, but it broke and I’m like, Oh, well I gotta go live. Forget it. I guess they’re just holding it. But next time I’ll be a little more prepared than I was.

Tosca (00:53:58):

So that dynamic I’m like, Oh, there’s movement. It’s like, it’s great. I like it. I’m like I should hold mine. See, see how that goes. Yeah, like, and I, I’m curious you know, in terms of like the impact that you want to have on the world and the legacy that you want to have now that you’d like, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew. You know, change course a little bit to helping other people and what they want for themselves. You know, I love to hear about, yeah. What is it that makes your heart sing about that? And also I want to touch on this BS detector that you have to help people in that, in their journeys.

Chris  (00:54:48):

I mean, what, I mean, I guess it’s a real, the real question is what does success mean for me in that way? And it’s like, I just, you know, my, my goal is, I know it sounds like whatever, but I mean, it is, I truly want to help people. And for me, the thing that gets me jazzed when I’m talking to somebody and you could see them make the connection, like you see them get it. That’s the magic we are talking about, right. That the world begins to like look a little bit different to them than it was at the start of our conversation. And that to me is like nothing warms my soul more than, than seeing that. And then when they go, geez, thank you so much. Because when I got on this call, I didn’t even want to talk to you. I’m like, you know, I was like, I don’t want to talk to a coach, but I, I did this.

Chris  (00:55:29):

And, and man, I am so happy that I did this. Like, this just changed the way I feel about things, the way I look at it or just change the course of my day. And like that stuff is awesomely here. Like, you know, like that is just to me, that’s like, that’s the wind. Like that’s for me, that’s the win. That’s what I want to hear. So if I could affect that on people, like every day, then man, I am, I’m doing something right. And I’m feeling good about things. Cause I’m like, that’s my goal. So I’m achieving my goal. As far as the detector goes you know, I just think it’s a little bit of an intuition and a little bit of hearing things and, and just calling people out, like not to be a Dick about it, but it’s just calling some people out on, on some of the things they’re saying.

Chris  (00:56:14):

And like making them become honest with themselves. Like, because the thing is, I’ve been there and I’ve done it and I’ve been called out and you need that. You need somebody who can like do that because if you’re telling me one thing, but you’re doing the complete opposite, like I know you’re fully. Like, because there’s absolutely no way you’re going to get there by doing what you’re doing. Like you’re not being honest with yourself. You’re not being honest. If you can’t even be honest with me, how can you be honest with yourself? And who am I like? I’m just crest. Like, you know, like it’s not, you know, so that’s the thing, like be honest with, with yourself first and foremost, and you know, don’t worry so much about trying to BS people or convince people of certain things. Like you’re either doing it or you’re not like, that’s it. And if you want to do it, go do it. But stop telling everybody you’re going to do it. Like, because at some point it’s like, I don’t want to hear it anymore. So don’t talk to me about this anymore. Like if I do it or don’t

Tosca (00:57:15):

Yeah, stop around. You know, it’s like, it’s like, yeah, this concept of like calling out the power, you know, about, about like just, you know, just do it, right? Like, and sometimes people need that. Some people, some people need a kick in the and say like, like get, you know, come on, get off your laurels, quit, you know, making up excuses and just follow your dream. It’s that, it’s that simple, you know, again, no magic bullet, but it’s that simple. Well, you just, when you make the commitment to yourself and your truth, then the unfolding,

Chris  (00:57:48):

Huge difference between sitting and thinking and mapping things out and thinking about these moves because by the way, sitting and thinking is doing by the way. So don’t ever think for one second that just you sitting and thinking about what you want to do or how you want to do it. Isn’t the real work. Guess what? It’s actually most, all the work. So because it all starts with that. So that is work, but there’s a big difference between doing that and just walking around and saying, I’m going to do it and say, you’re going to do it all you want, but okay. What have you, what have you done well, okay, great. What else have you done? Have you thought about it? Have you written anything down? Have you been written down the fact that you didn’t want to do this? Have you even said, I want to create blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Chris  (00:58:41):

Or I want to, I want to drive my RV all over the United States. And I’m like, have you been written that down? Like that’s a starting place. Like that’s even doing something. I mean the most basic version of it, but at least I’m doing something. So yeah. I mean, I, that’s the right there. Like you can walk around and say, you’re doing this all you want and yeah, I’m in a band and okay. So what music is? Well, I, I, I’m not really in a band, but I played. Oh, cool. So you play music. Well,

Tosca (00:59:11):

Playing music.

Chris  (00:59:13):

I think about playing music, you know, like I want, I play the guitar. Oh, cool. You play guitar. Why? Think about playing the guitar. Okay. So thought about, so what are you doing? Well, I’m just thinking about like, like that’s, you know, I mean, it’s supplies for like anything that you can do. Like I said, I want to write a book, right? So what am I doing? Like, well, if you asked me, I, I talked to my, and I’ve talked about it for a while and I got called out on it. Thank God. And now I’m putting thoughts into actions. I’m practicing what I preach, you know you know, my, my, my great friend and I’ll name her here because she’s freaking amazing is my, my friend Sasha Proman of revolver events. She’s awesome. And she is, she’s written a book and she’s been helping me begin to take the steps in the process to begin putting a book together.

Chris  (01:00:02):

I know it’s going to take a long time to do, I’m not in a rush to do it, but I’m taking the steps to do it. And she’s given me because I didn’t know how to do it. And I told her, and she’s like, all right, well, I’m going to hold you accountable. And so now I have an accountability, buddy. Who’s helping me do it. So I’m putting thoughts into actions. I’m taking my own medicine here because she called me out and called people, sit on it, talking about this. What have you done? Good. Do you want to do this? Yes. Well, this is how you should do it. And then now it’s up to me to decide whether I’m going to fall through and I’m following through,

Tosca (01:00:36):

Oh my God, I love it. I love it. Taking your own medicine. This has been like Chris, such a, such a joy, such a pleasure. And I, I think that for those watching now and later, I know that it’s going to strike a chord with the audience because you know, there was such, you shared such great wisdom, such a, and thank you for sharing about your journey and all of this. And you know, I’m just, I’d love if there was anything we didn’t cover that you want to share. And also how can people get ahold of you so that they can hire you as their detector and personal branding coach so they can make their dreams come true. Yeah.

Chris  (01:01:15):

Yeah. No. Awesome. Thank you. Well, first of all, I just want to say, thank you so much for having me on, like, this was so wonderful. I had so much fun. I’m so appreciative of this opportunity. So I appreciate you. And I appreciate everybody who’s been watching and popping on and off, but you guys are all amazing. And I hope people who watch the replay of this will find value in this discussion today. So you can add, I’m pretty easy to find. Of course you can hit me up here on Instagram. And actually if you go to my bio, what I’m actually doing right now until June 7th is I’m offering a free one hour coaching sessions for people who want it from personal branding perspective. And you can just click the link in my bio it’s Riga, R I G a And it’ll take you right to my calendar, my calendar link, where you can set up a one hour session with me, just answer a few questions. And yeah, we’ll have a free session together.

Tosca (01:02:07):

She had a free hour. That’s like, so generous guys, take him up on that. I might schedule myself with you.

Chris  (01:02:15):

And at the end of that hour, you feel like you want to do more work then. Great. And I’ve got some, some options that may work for you. And if not, that’s cool too. And hopefully you’ll, you’ll gain a little traction out of, out of our time together. But yeah, that’s probably the best thing I can say right now. Of course you can find me at rock it, growth That’s R O C K it growth And same thing for Instagram. I also do a podcast which you can find on all podcast platforms, any live stream show. I do every Tuesday at 4:00 PM. So I have one happening today at 4:00 PM, which can be watched on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. So

Tosca (01:02:55):

Awesome. And what’s the name of your podcast?

Chris  (01:02:58):

The podcast right now is so original. It’s called the rocket growth MC podcasts. I’m still working on the name, but the live show is called rocket live. So I’m still working that out sort of a thing that I was doing for fun and sort of turned into something now. So it’s a work in progress for sure, but the interviews are great and it’s just an interview

Tosca (01:03:16):

And you’re taking your own advice, right? You just, you just put it out there and say, you know, I’ll, I’ll get better and better. You know, I love it. Practicing what you preach, Chris,

Chris  (01:03:25):

I’ll figure it out as I go. It’s not, you know, it’s more important to me that the content that people find value in the conversations I’m having. And hopefully it changes the course of someone’s day after the year.

Tosca (01:03:36):

Yeah, no doubt. No doubt it will. And it does. So great. So awesome. Many ways to keep in touch and hear your, your beautiful perspective on the world and building sustainable businesses. And, and I I really appreciate this and thank you for your kind words. And I look forward to more collaborations for sure, in the future.

Chris  (01:03:57):

Looking forward to it. I know we’re, we’re going to get you on the rocket labs show soon enough.

Tosca (01:04:01):

Yeah. I’m excited for that, for sure. So, yeah, thanks to everyone watching now and later, and we’ll see you soon. Ciao for now. Rock out. Bye.

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